Cancéropôle Île-de-France has helped organise and develop the cancer research network in the Île-de-France Region since it was founded in 2004. Actions in connection with research administration have led to developing innovative research projects, organising seminars on key cancer research topics, training researchers and clinicians in the Paris region, and also promoting closer ties with industry and developing international relations.

Cancer research

From 2007, when the Public Interest Group was established, to 2011, almost 800 research agreements were signed by Cancéropôle Île-de-France. Over 500 projects have been funded through Cancéropôle Île-de-France, covering subjects ranging from cellular and molecular biology to social sciences, through chemistry, physics, bioinformatics and clinical research. Cancéropôle Île-de-France has also obtained over 400 research grants since 2005.

Cancéropôle Île-de-France’s research strategy

Cancéropôle Île-de-France’s transversal programme coordination allows networks dedicated to key cancer research themes to be established.  These networks of researchers and clinicians from Paris laboratories are driven by the establishment of working groups and the organisation of project development seminars.

In 2011, five new networks were developed within Cancéropôle Île-de-France:

  • “Omics” programme
  • “Experimental Radiobiology” programme
  • “Data integration” programme
  • “Multi photon imaging” programme
  • “Intervention Research” programme

About ten networks have been constituted since 2004.

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Scientific activities

In the past 4 years, Cancéropôle Île-de-France has organised over 50 scientific seminars on biological, clinical and human and social science research, allowing researchers and clinicians to discuss key technical or scientific topics in cancer research, propose new transversal research programmes or monitor the progress of research projects developed within Cancéropôle Île-de-France.  The 8th Cancéropôle Île-de-France Conference will be held in 2012.  Interaction between the 7 regional Cancéropôles allows collaborative seminars to be organised.

Séminaires et colloques

Cancéropôle-Île-de-France has offered financial support for the organisation of scientific events on cancer research by institutions in the Paris region since 2008. Every year, in September, a call for proposals for this is opened.


One of the Cancéropôle Île-de-France’s missions is to organise training for clinicians and researchers from the Paris region that work in cancer research.

Training devoted to project management, transversal management or clinical cancer research is held throughout the year.

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Industrial relations

Cancéropôle Île-de-France is especially attentive to ties between public and private institution and signed a deontology charter with the Ariis (French national alliance for research and innovation in the health industry) in 2011. This charter enabled the implementation of promotional events in partnership with the industry.

Cancéropôle Île-de-France has been a member of Medicen, a Paris region competitiveness cluster, since 2005, to promote project development and transfer towards industrial applications. Cancéropôle Île-de-France is also involved in the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) programme and helped create a pilot one-stop-shop for three years to promote the development of early clinical trials.

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International relations

In recent years, Cancéropôle Île-de-France has developed relations with Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

IN 2011:

The meeting between Cancéropôle Île-de-France and a Washington DC delegation led by the Governor, Mrs Christine Gregoire, and the visit of a Shanghai delegation, led by Mr Raymond Li, the Executive Director of Simz (Shanghai International Medical Zone) have allowed the Cancéropôle Île-de-France to consider future collaborative actions with the United States and China.

Working groups involving British and Dutch experts have also allowed productive exchanges on genomic research strategies.

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