The Public Interest Group Cancéropôle Île-de-France is composed of 7 member institutions, 14 partners, and more generally groups all the cancer research strengths in the Paris region. In order to successfully carry out its missions, it includes decision making, scientific strategy and scientific assessment bodies.


  • President : Pr Pierre Laurent-Puig
  • Vice-president : Pr Patrice Debré
  • Scientific Director : Dr Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou
  • General Secretary : Dr Pascale Gramain

The Administrative Board

It is composed of representatives that have been appointed by each member for a period of three years which may be renewed. It manages the group and makes all decisions concerning the PIG’s life: adopting the budget, the annual programme, and approves the accounts for each financial year. It also deliberates on the appointment of the Strategic Management Steering Committee’s members and on the group’s operation.

The General Secretariat

It ensures the group’s operation under the authority of the Administrative Board. In relations with third parties, the Secretary-General commits the group by any act falling within its purpose.
> Administration

The Strategic Management Steering Committee (SMSC)

This is an internal body to Cancéropôle which is responsible for defining and monitoring the scientific strategy, organising scientific activities, developing new projects, assessing the strategic relevance of projects supported by Cancéropôle. The Scientific Director is responsible for scientific events and Cancéropôle’s scientific strategy. They rely on the SMSC to validate their strategic, scientific and medical choices.
> Coordination and management

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