The 7 Cancéropôles

There are 7 Cancéropôles across France. Cancéropôle Île-de-France alone accounts for almost half of the potential for cancer research. Cancéropôles allow better regional or inter-regional coordination of cancer research by opening up sectors and disciplines. There are seven and they facilitate the emergence of large multidisciplinary research networks grouping scientific, clinical, industrial and dedicated decision-making communities.

Their common missions for the duration of the Cancer Plan 2 will be to :

  • strengthen the mobilisation of research teams in the field of social inequality and environmental and behavioural risk factors.boost clinical research, particularly early trials
  • promote the development of innovative research projects
  • contribute to the European cooperation dynamic
  • contribute to making France an international reference in cancer researchpartenariats_kpoles_carte

The Cancéropôles meet every two months under the aegis of the Conference for Cancéropôle coordinators whose spokesman is Professor Christian Chabannon. These meetings provide an opportunity for exchanges and joint decision-making.

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