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Research areas

Area 1 : Basic and integrative cancer research

The study of basic mechanisms of oncogenesis is based on a network of over 200 research teams certified by a Paris University, the INSERM or the CNRS. Skills exist in all fields of cell and molecular biology, immunology and infectious diseases, embryology and development, chemistry and medicine, and integrating data to provide answers to questions raised. The Cancéropôle’s role is to support the appropriation of technology (broadband, data analysis, cell imaging and uni or pauci cellular molecular analysis) developments, promote programme networking (including organising incentive scientific events), and enhancing projects leading to a proof-of-concept.

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Area 2 : Clinical and translational research

Clinical and translational research is based on certified research teams which are mostly connected to a network of over 200 services specialised in cancer at the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, the Institut Curie, and the Institut Gustave Roussy.  This network enables the collection and analysis of tumour samples, the development of animal models and analysis tools (imaging), the implementation of pathophysiological studies, analysis of tumour heterogeneity, and biomarker and target research. This network also allows pharmacology studies (molecular pharmacology, pharmaco-genomics, pharmaco-economics) and preclinical studies that Cancéropôle strives to strengthen when it promotes therapeutic progress and economic value.

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Axe 3 : Cancer et inégalités

Research in epidemiology and human and social sciences supplements this theme. Epidemiology research teams keep registries and cohorts of healthy subjects and patients and identify risk factors that they then seek to correct or reduce. The emergence of human and social sciences takes into account the sociological, psychological, anthropological, nutritional, ethical and economic aspects of cancer. Cancéropôle aims to contribute to reducing inequalities in suffering from the disease through the work it supports and coordinates.

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