Île-de-France is the first region in France for cancer patient management (70 000 per year). Teams from the Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris and the two Cancer Prevention Centres (Institut Curie and the Gustave Roussy institute) receive a third of patients hospitalised with cancer in France and perform half of the country’s radiotherapy.

Île-de-France is also the first region in France for cancer research. About 5000 researchers and university hospital clinical researchers work in this field, i.e. 42% of the national strength in research and care. Over 10 000 patients participate in clinical trials every year and almost 900 clinical trials are activated in the region.

In this context, Cancéropôle Île-de-France’s mission is particularly important. The pooling of resources and facilities is made possible through opening the technical platforms in Paris providing advanced technology to as many people as possible. Biological material banks, including tumour banks, are also essential tools for cancer research.

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