Working groups

Incentive programmes

Initiative programmes, targeted by Cancéropôle Île-de-France, aim to develop research projects in backbone and innovative fields of cancer research. Developed from discussions held in working groups, they produce research projects and transversal programs.

Five incentive programmes were initiated in 2011:

  • « Omics » programme
  • « Radiobiology » programme
  • « Data integration » programme
  • « Multiphoton imaging » programme
  • « Intervention research » programme

Inter-cancéropôle working groups

Working groups including the 7 Cancéropôles and the INCa have been established for critical national issues.

Human and social sciences

Research in human and social sciences have a very important role in the fight against inequality. The geographic distribution of cancer research teams and the type of topics covered (population studies, societies…) have led the 7 Cancéropôles and the INCa to develop a national common reflection.


With a representative from each Cancéropôle, a representative of the INCA and experts in the field, this working group studies ways to measure scientific output resulting from the research programs initiated within the Cancéropôles.

Scientific activities

Those responsible for communication in the 7 Cancéropôles meet regularly and discuss the implementation of collective action to create a quality scientific organisation that groups researchers and clinicians nationally and internationally.


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