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3rd Symposium Metabolism & Cancer

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Du 01/04/2019 au 02/04/2019

The Cancéropôles PACA, GSO and CLara have organised the 3rd edition of  Cancer and Metabolism Symposium that will take place in Marseille on April, 1st-2nd 2019

The 3rd edition of Cancer and Metabolism symposium will cover various topics including the impact of environmental disruptors on metabolic reprogramming, signalization associated with metformin/biguanides treatments, the role of microenvironment on the tumor metabolic switch as well as new metabolic approaches for translational strategy. Four main sessions will be organized to highlight recent discoveries of recognized experts in their respective fields through lectures and selected abstracts for oral communications.

For more information, please follow this link.

Adresse :
Palais du Pharo - 58 Bd Charles Livon

13007 Marseille

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