Our ecosystem

Cancer research in the Ile-de-France region accounts for 40% of the national total, and is carried out by internationally renowned researchers and clinicians from a wide range of complementary disciplines. The Cancéropôle IDF brings together 7 institutions in the Ile-de-France region, and its actions are aimed more generally at all Ile-de-France researchers working in the field of cancer. Its scientific strategy is part of a complex ecosystem on different scales:

  • on a regional scale, in liaison with the various players in the Paris region, from academia, industry and associations
  • on a national scale, as part of the ten-year strategy steered by INCa (the French National Cancer Institute)
  • on a European and international scale, with the implementation of the European Cancer Plan

Our Ecosystem

Located at the crossroads of European and global trade, the Paris Region is France’s leading economic region and one of the most important in Europe. Comprising 8 départements, 1,295 communes and arrondissements, it is home to almost 20% of the population of mainland France. The IDF region is home to numerous academic, industrial and associative structures involved in cancer research. Île-de-France accounts for almost 40% of the national potential for both public and private research, in terms of personnel.

The Cancéropôle IDF is structured around 7 member institutions, all major players in academic cancer research, combining care and research. The actions set up by the Cancéropôle IDF are designed to benefit all cancer research players in the region, helping to structure and coordinate networks in the Ile-de-France region, and encourage the emergence of innovative research.

Cancer research in the Paris region is part of a wider ecosystem:

  • at regional level, a number of networks help to structure research on priority cancer topics
  • on a national scale, the orientations for the fight against cancer for the years 2021 to 2030 follow the guidelines set out by INCa in its Ten-Year Cancer Control Strategy.
  • on a European scale, actions structured by the European Commission as part of the Horizon Europe program and the European Plan to beat cancer are aimed at funding large-scale initiatives supported by the world’s leading research and care centers.

The Cancéropôle IDF has set up operational partnerships and works with a number of players in this ecosystem:

  • partnerships with thematic research networks in the Paris region: UCOGs, national rare cancer networks, Giscop93, for the implementation of structuring actions by Cancéropôle IDF working groups
  • partnerships with structures and agencies involved in the organization of research and care: INCA, ARS IDF, Sirics, Cancéropôles, Gefluc, to ensure that actions carried out are in synergy with those carried out by other players
  • partnerships with associations and learned societies: AERIO, SFjRO, SFRO, to ensure that the actions implemented best meet the needs of researchers on the identified themes.
  • partnerships with industry: ARIIS, Medicen, PSCC, so that research innovations can be developed and benefit everyone
  • partnerships with patient associations: Université des Patients, Ligue contre le Cancer, Fondation ARC, Corasso, VHL France, Patients en réseaux, to ensure that the voice of cancer patients and their families is heard, and to enable research to be co-constructed as part of a health democracy.