Who are we ?

The public interest group Cancéropôle Île-de-France includes 7 member institutions and 14 partners, and brings together the entire cancer research community in the Paris region. To carry out its missions, it includes decision-making, scientific strategy and scientific evaluation bodies.

With funding from the Institut National du Cancer and its member institutions, its scientific strategy is based on thematic working groups, and aims to meet the specific needs of the Paris Region by integrating multidisciplinary and inter-institutional approaches.

Our missions

As France’s leading cancer care provider, the Paris Region is also the leading region in terms of cancer research. Research work, clinical trials, scientific publications… The Île-de-France region accounts for more than 42% of national research and care efforts. The Cancéropôle Île-de-France helps to structure this network by encouraging the pooling of knowledge, skills and resources between institutions in the Paris region involved in cancer research.

Its actions aim to :

  • structure cancer research in the Paris region
  • identify and fund innovative research programs, capitalizing on local strengths
  • coordinate the cancer research network.

The missions of the Cancéropôle IDF

The Cancéropôle IDF has been supported by the Institut National du Cancer since its creation, and directs its missions in line with the objectives of cancer plans or ten-year strategies. Since 2018, 4 missions aimed at regionally structuring and leading the network of researchers working on cancer have been formalized:

Mission 1: To embed cancer research in a regional dynamic by drawing on in-depth knowledge of the regional ecosystem (research, healthcare, industry, politics).

Cancéropôle IDF’s scientific strategy is designed to meet three objectives:

  • Integrate different approaches and work in a multidisciplinary, federated way to meet common objectives,
  • Respond to the specific needs of the region, based on healthcare data,
  • Collaborate closely with industry, through the creation of a joint working group with Medicen and the establishment of a partnership with the new Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster.

Mission 2: Facilitate collaborations between cancer researchers (within the same discipline or across disciplines)

Under the aegis of the Scientific Director, thematic working groups are the ideal forum for inter-institutional and multi-disciplinary meetings. They bring issues to the fore and suggest ways of addressing them. The actions set up by the working groups to facilitate collaboration between Cancéropôle IDF researchers and encourage the creation of networks are of two types: Structuring actions and scientific seminars.

Mission 3: Supporting researchers

Île-de-France is home to over 40% of France’s cancer research forces. The Cancéropôle IDF has therefore chosen to support researchers through training courses, workshops and methodological seminars.

Mission 4: Scientific and economic valorization of research results

The Cancéropôle IDF organizes scientific events to promote the research of Ile-de-France teams, to support Ile-de-France researchers through methodological seminars and to structure multidisciplinary and multi-institutional thematic networks.

Additional missions

Two additional missions have been added for the 2023-2027 labellisation, formalizing actions that Cancéropôle IDF had already been carrying out for several years:

  • Strengthening collaboration between Cancéropôles and exchanging expertise
  • Strengthening actions in favor of health democracy

Promoting the cancer research network

Cancéropôle Île-de-France’s coordinating structure is an essential tool in the network’s operation: in particular, it helps to steer working groups, organize seminars and symposia, organize and circulate calls for tender and information on cancer research, and set up innovative research training programs.

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